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HR CONTEMPO is a bilingual boutique human resources and talent management firm with a novel approach to a standard core business function. We deliver fresh human capital strategies that effectively assist companies to build a high-performing workforce with different generations working together effectively side by side.

We believe each organization is unique and has the right to choose a human capital solution to best align with their strategic vision, business model, culture, and associate landscape/demographics. No cookie-cutter solutions for us. We create a customized strategy to meet your needs.

We bypass traditional recruiting and talent management methods. We work with new technologies. We analyze the drivers of the different generations’ job satisfaction and understand the value baby boomers bring to the table. Craft a program that embraces diversity. And work with companies to build innovative human capital strategies that respond to these needs and thrive in the 21st century.

HR CONTEMPO is a reputable company you can trust and count on. Our employees have a deep sense of pride in delivering best-in-class solutions and world-class service. We are an innovative human capital strategy service provider that has the right resources to offer the best solutions that meet the growing needs of your organization.